The World’s Oldest Brewery

Weihenstephan started brewing in 1040 as Weihenstephaner Monastery, burned down at least 3 times, and was pillaged 3 more times. But the beer could not be stopped!

Translates to “Whatever, Just Give Me a Beer”

To get to the mecca of beer, I traveled to Freising, Germany. Freising is a pretty cute town. They also have a thing for bears.

The brewery is located on the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences College campus. The college is well known for it’s gardens and college of brewing, which is considered the best in the world (like, duh).

I walked around the town before meandering my way through the college campus. I became hopelessly lost, so in my best German, I asked a stranger, “Hilf mir, ich bin verloren! Wo ist die Brauerei?” (Gee, thanks, Duolingo!) I must have said it wrong, because he thought I wanted to buy a couch. A couple of polite smiles and shrugs later, I made it to the brewery. Juhuu! (yay!)

Turns out I was too late for the brewery tour, sehr schade! (such a shame!). So I know what I’ll do next time! The tour is TWO HOURS LONG  with a tasting for a kewl €11. The tour without a tasting is €8, so just splurge and get a sip of heaven.

I went to the restaurant for a bite to eat and some of this famous beer. It felt beyond cool to eat a German meal I ordered in German, while drinking German beer at a German Brauerei. Whatsup, ancestors! All of my German friends are definitely thinking “du bist blöd,” (you’re silly) but there’s something awesome about visiting a country and living it up like a local. I chowed down on sausages, potatoes, pretzels, and lots of delicious beer. Of course, there was also lots of mustard! Lecker! (yum).

I’m not good at selfies, okay!?

I loved this part of my trip because it was nice to get away from the crowds and experience life as a local in Germany. I was probably one of five tourists I noticed around the Brewery on this day. Maybe I just got lucky.

Anyone else a sucker for visiting breweries? Which one was your favorite place to tour? Or your favorite place for a good beer? Prost! (Cheers!)

Keep your ear out for more stories,

-Half Heard Stories

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