Inspo for Wanderlust in Norway

I still can’t get Norway out of my head! I love everything about that country, except the cost. I wanted to share some amazing places I would hopefully go to next time. There are a TON more, but here are six locations in Norway that will inspire the wanderlust in you.

1. The Geirangerfjord Area

Arguably one of the most visited tourist destinations, this fjord can get a bit crowded with cruise ships. I have read most cruises come mid-week, so visiting on a weekend should help with a less crowded experience.

  • Dalsnibba viewpoint: It costs 85 krn per car to reach the viewpoint, but the views sound extraordinary. The weather can make the viewpoint a bit temperamental, as you are literally above the clouds, but I’ve heard the drive is as pretty as I am! Jokes. Dave says I’m prettier. 😉 The road is closed in winter, so this is definitely a summertime adventure. Fun fact: the road was built in the 1800s! WHAT?!
  • Flydalsjuvet: This viewpoint is FREE! But more dangerous because it is literally an outcrop rock over a height that would make even me concerned (maybe?). I read it is a 15-minute walk, but can be slippery. SO BE CAREFUL, you nutso! If you can’t drive/don’t want to pay the fee for dalsnibba, this seems an appropriate alternative.
  • Trollstigen National Tourist Road: I LOVE TOURIST ROADS. And you should too. Check out this blog post with more information. This one is called the troll’s ladder, and looks amazing. Can’t wait to ask Dave to drive road this next time.

2. Ålesund

Alesund is a day trip away from the Geirangerfjord area. Sooooo, good place to visit next on this hypothetical trip of mine! Alesund was rebuilt after a huge fire swept through the town, so it has a rich and interesting history. Nerd out amongst the old buildings, and I’m sure there’s a free walking tour to be found from a friendly local hostel. I would!

  • Alnes Lighthouse: I would also want to visit the Alnes Lighthouse, because it is beautiful looking and surrounded by wildflowers and grass in the spring and summer. It’s a short drive from Alesund, so why not?!
  • Runde: Take a day trip to Runde, the bird island, and see some puffins! The puffins are only around during early summer. A quarter of Norway’s bird population is on this island. Bird lovers, hear the call of passion?? KAW KAW!
Photo by @Kistrand feat. on @LandscapesofNorway

3. Trondheim

Okay, obviously, you should visit the wharves. Reminiscent of what you would find along the port in Copenhagen or Bergen, these buildings date back to the 18th century and are beautiful in their simplicity and bold colors. Trondheim is a great town to wander through before continuing your journey more north. There’s a museum about royalty. There’s the “Walk of Peace” where instead of stars name’s imprinted on the streets like in Hollywood, you can see the names of student peace prize-winners. I have no idea what that means, but its very adorable. There’s also a chocolate museum, which HELLO, is amazing.

By @Sheepwithaview feat. by @Visitnorway

Pro tip: anytime there is a chocolate museum, GO.

ALSO, on the way to Trondheim, check out the bridge Atlanterhavsveien. That’s a real thing and not a word I just made up. Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Picture by @Dreamchasersnorway


4. Kystriksveien – the coastal route

According to National Geographic, this route is one of the most scenic routes in the world (a top 101). Who am I to argue with that?! You can take bus, private car, train, or ferry to navigate around this part. But you can easily take a side trip to the Loften Islands, which I have been lusting after since before I planned this trip! 

5. The Svalbard Islands

The Svalbard Islands might seem like a arctic wasteland, but it’s not. It is a breathtaking archipelago filled with icebergs, glaciers, more polar bears than people (!!), and endless summer midnight sun. There’s a TON of history. Example: the abandoned mining settlement, Pyramiden, and all the abandoned trains, coal carts, homes, and so on. Another example: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault (a real thing!! This houses seeds from all over the world to use incase of natural/self-inflicted global emergencies. It can hold over 4 million types of seeds. Did you even know there were that many types of seeds?!). Svalbard seems like a cold, desolate place I can’t wait to explore. This is not a typical holiday, but neither was Iceland, and look what happened there.

Photo by @Visitnorway

P.S. Archipelago is just a fancy word for chain of islands.

6. The Lofoten Islands

I have never been as drawn to a place as I have been to Loften Islands. There’s hikes, white beaches to watch the midnight sun OR northern lights from (depending on the time of year), one of the best beaches for surfing, a Viking ship, and an amazing Tourist Road. Just to name a few! There’s so so much more. If it were me, I would stay in a little cabin on the water overlooking some stunning mountains. Just going to throw that out there. Where exactly? Well, since you ask, check out Reine, one of the most picturesque villages you ever did see. There is an incredible hike that will get you the most liked IG photo ever to the top of a mountain to see this beauty.

I know nothing about this hike, and I’m ready for bed, so you’ll have to google it yourself. We almost went to the Lofoten Islands last year, but backed out last minute because the flights were too expensive. 😦 Someone else go and tell me all about it!


To get more wanderlust, be sure to follow IG accounts @Visitnorway @Landscapesofnorway @Dreamchasersnorway 

I am not affiliated with any of these accounts, I just ADORE them! I am constantly on their pages, in AWE of how beautiful Norway is. Check them out!

Did this inspire any wanderlust for you? Share your favorite place in the comments below!





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