Here’s What You MUST DO In Norway

Whenever I visit a new country, I always google “best things to do in …” and usually, it’s some boring response like a mediocre restaurant or botanical park. Don’t get me wrong, I love one of these things (spoiler alert! It’s not mediocre restaurants), but how can you get to the soul of a new place with those type of recommendations?

How do you get to intimately know a country and it’s people on a two week trip?

I don’t have any clue. But here’s how I tried in Norway!

One of the Pinterest Hikes


You know what I’m talking about: a couple or an individual smiling cheekily on top of Trolltunga, Kerjabolten, or Prekistolen . Cheesy IG caption like, “just a casual 22km hike to start the day” (this was mine, because this is soooo normal for me to do. Psh. Please.) Anywaaaays. There’s a reason these hikes are popular, so go check them out!

Stay in a cabin

Ugh. Once I got to Norway I found out about all these mountain tops with cabins on them where you could stay overnight somtimes FO’ FREE or FO’ A SMALL FEE. THIS IS AMAZING. Someone go and take advantage. I googled some links for you. Check out this link and this link .

Go to a Small Not Touristy Town


We went to a few small, off-the beaten path towns, and that’s where we got to talk to locals. No matter where I go, swapping stories with the locals is my favorite.

Get Two Perspectives of Fjords

Hike to the top, cruise at the bottom. You will never feel as humbled as you will at the moment you can REALLY grasp just how monstrous the fjords are.

Loften Islands

Check out my last post  for more deets but this place is individually responsible all of my wanderlust. They have a Puffin Celebration. It’s adorable.



There’s not much else to say about Bergen that hasn’t been said on a bunch of other blogs (like mine). But still, you should go and check it out. It’s a pretty cool town. Also, stay in this Airbnb. It’s the exact way I want my house to look.

Drive Tourist Roads

OK CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT TOURIST ROADS. EVERY BLOG POST, I JUST HAVE TO ADD IT IN. How are they so cool?! Did the road construction workers just freak out every time they created a new road? Damn Norway, you sure are pretty.

Stay On The Waterfront of a Fjord


Fair, this is the same “must” as viewing a fjord from every angle, but watching a sunset and sunrise around these beauties will have a profound impact on you. If it doesn’t, then you crazy.

Go Troll Hunting

Troll love

Just get lost in the woods (in the romantic way, not the literal way) and explore! Take a random trail a local person told you about and enjoy nature. Also, I thought it was hard to find locals. Maybe because they are all out hunting trolls exploring?

Camp Around

You can camp on any public land fo free! This includes the peak of those IG famous hikes, off the side of a tourist road, the possibilities are endless. As long as you’re not near a farm, you’re chilling! And stay at a cabin!

National Parks

Norway’s not just fjords, you know. There’s mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes. The national parks are a great way to see all of that in an easy to reach way. Find out more here.

Find This Yellow Bathroom


Seriously Norway. What’s the obsession with this bathroom?! I saw it on EVERY information sign we came across! Are the toilets pure gold? Are they Japanese toilets with seat warmers and lids that raise and lower on their own? Something about this bathroom is amazing and Norway wants you to see it.

UPDATE: After some serious sleuthing online, my dad has reported that this golden throne is called Hereiane rastplass (reststop). The reason it is everywhere is because IT’S ALONG A TOURIST ROAD. It always come back to the tourist roads 😍

I think this is my last post about Norway (lol, no it’s not). The fact that I wrote about it four times is hopefully persuading you to go check out this land of wonders.


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